Biggest jackpot winnings

2019 has been a great year for those who play lottery and slots. There have been a huge number of wins around the world, with some of the biggest wins, while not the most impressive of all time, delivering great amounts of money to pockets that did not necessarily expect them. If you are tired of reading casino slots ratings – Slots Judge has created another list that you might enjoy, specifically of the winners and their winnings that they have made. The list might make you a little envious, but it will also allow you to get inspired to play and maybe, even motivate you enough that you end up winning, if not at the lottery, than at a slots game or two. Just don’t forget that winning a jackpot and winning the lottery is a hard thing to do, and you chances of this happening are relatively low. So make sure that you don’t end up spending all of your time and money on these things. Just enough to have fun and maybe just enough to end up winning. Now, let us get into the largest winnings of all time  and where they happened.


$1.586 billion

This is not entirely correct. There are several tens of millions of dollars missing from this amount, but the victory that brought incredibly riches into a single family took place in 2016, in Florida. This is the largest lottery win of all time, the jackpot of jackpots. It was supplied to the winners in three checks, since there were three of them, each worth roughly 588 million US dollars, and it also brought them from being middle class to being incredibly rich. They were not sure what they were going to do with this money, and nobody can blame them. 600 million is a huge amount of money to have dropped on your head seemingly out of thing air. Thankfully, they did not waste it (entirely) and have been adapting to being rich more or less decently. Some of the families chose to remain anonymous, which is also a smart choice in a situation such as this.

$1.537 billion

If we are going to get technical, then this would be the largest jackpot ever won, simply because it was won by a single person instead of being split up between three. After winning this astounding amount of money, the person chose to remain anonymous (just like any sane person would) and to claim the money. Instead of getting the entirety of 1.5 billion, the winner instead chose to get around 900 million in a cash payment, which is still a significant amount of money. She donated a portion of the money to charities, while retaining the rest for her own personal reasons and she has enough to take care of all personal reasons, and the personal reasons of most, if not all of her progeny.

$738 million

The third prize goes to the person who won 738 million and has probably been living extremely comfortably since then. This person lived in Wisconsin and did not wish their name to be revealed publicly. This might only be half of the billions that the first two places won, but this single winning of 700 million is more than enough to change the lives of all people within the close circle of the winner. The person never disclosed whether they chose the cash option of 477 million or the annuity version of 700 million, but it does not matter. Anything about several hundred million is pretty much indifferent to how you spend it, since you cannot spend it in a single lifetime.


Are you inspired to participate in the lottery or play some slots too? We don’t blame you, it looks like the reward could be great. But remember, for every one person that won, there are thousands that got nothing, so be careful out there.

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