Tipping in Vegas: How to Do It Right?

For many people in the US, tips are a serious source of confusion – people do not know what tipping is and how to tip so that it is fitting. The rules are constantly changing. Do we really need to give up to 20{a8fc6dd69a0fc2e3f9696bcb52104d632c6333ff6f2cd51ba1e793792a0ff9c1} of the total bill amount in a form of tips? How much should you tip in the restaurant? The answers to these and many other similar questions are controversial throughout the country. Let’s talk about Vegas tips and how much to pay extra. We have collected recommendations – some facts from the list will definitely surprise you.

Hotel Maids in Vegas Casino Hotels

Etiquette experts recommend leaving a tip for the maids every day of your stay at the hotel. This is due to the fact that every day your room is cleaned by different people. If you leave a tip on the last day, the money will be taken away by one person. To make sure that everyone gets their share, leave $2 to $5 each day you ask to clean your room.

Tipping in Vegas: How to Do It Right?

Besides, etiquette experts also recommend giving tips to other hotel employees, such as floor attendant ($2) for the first bag being handled and $1 for each extra bag. If you make a special request at the front desk, give a tip to the employee in the amount of $2-3. For room service, it is worth giving no more than $2-3 since the tip is already included in the room service bill.

Instructors and Consultants

Keep in mind that some camps do not allow their consultants to take tips, so check it before you offer them money. If they accept, leave them a tip at the end of the season. If not, etiquette experts recommend to reward them with a small gift at the end of the season.

The tip amount depends on the work performed by the instructor:

  • The main consultant – $50-100;
  • Assistant – $20-25;
  • Instructors – the cost of one lesson.

Tipping in Vegas: How to Do It Right?


Transportation of your sofa or closet is not an easy task, and carriers do not have a very high salary, so tips are also welcome here. On average, the tip amount should be 10-15{a8fc6dd69a0fc2e3f9696bcb52104d632c6333ff6f2cd51ba1e793792a0ff9c1} of your total bill for transportation services.

The situation is quite simple when it comes to the size of monetary incentives. There is some level below which it is simply indecent to go. However, the tipping culture and standards depend on the cultural, social, and economic characteristics of a particular country. In the USA, it is rather high and should be closely followed.

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